Here on Insidious Roleplay we want to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We hope to achieve this by ensuring that the rules are as up to date as possible to provide fun and fair game play to every player who connects to our server. If at any time you feel like a player / administrator has broken any of these rules feel free to post the appropriate complaint against him/her.


-Administrators cannot go on duty while engaged in IC situations or give punishments to situations they're involved with ICly

-Administrators should not be giving punishments to other administrators period, this needs to be handled through a staff complaint and by the proper people.

-Administrators should not take action against anything they did not see in game. They should have at least spectated a situation for 30 seconds in order to take any actions against players. Exceptions can be made to this if a confession is given or the rule break is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt.

-Healing when you're currently in a gunfight is no longer allowed with the exception of using sprunk machines.

-Administrators cannot hold a high rank (R6) in a gang.

-Faction leaders(HMA) cannot hold a gang because its not a group.

-Shooting in the casino is not allowed what so ever.

Some of these rules will eventually show up on the rules tab on the forums. So as long as you follow these rules in game you'll be perfect! Have fun gaming!